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Augusta Abogados is a professional firm born of an ambitious project and a definite aim to innovate. The partners, Jaime Fernández, Juan José Hita, Alicia Herrador, Sergi Giménez, Carlos Valls, Juan José Terraza and María José Sánchez all boast ample experience and a solid reputation.

They have gathered a powerful team of exceptional professionals to face the challenges before them.

Augusta Abogados provides high added value services with practicality and technical rigor.


We specialise in advising on

  • Drafting upper and mid-management contracts
  • Social Benefits, stock-option plans, long term incentives, variable remuneration, pension undertakings and flexible benefit packages
  • Negotiation of redundancies and collective dismissals and general advice on labour restructuring
  • Dismissal and grievance proceedings
  • Substantial amendment of terms of employment and geographical mobility
  • Employment litigation and dispute resolution
  • Drafting and negotiation of collective agreements and internal policy regulations (Codes of Ethics)
  • General advice on obligations and responsibilities regarding safety and hygiene at work
  • Advice, drafting and negotiation of equal opportunity plans

International expertise

  • Expatriates – »full service« (i.e. tax, employment, social security and immigration) as well as co-ordination with international law firms when required to provide full assistance to expatriates
  • Cross-border projects (Multi-jurisdictional outsourcing and subcontracting; implementation of global benefit plans and HR policies; European Works’ Council)
  • Assistance on M&A transactions (employment and social security due diligences; outsourcing and insourcing projects; mergers, spin-offs, carve-out, transfer of business lines)


Our core client sectors include:

  • Healthcare, Chemical and Pharmaceutical;
  • Aviation, Transports & Logistics;
  • Media;
  • Consumer Goods & Retail;
  • Construction;
  • Banking;
  • Industry;
  • Services;
  • Insurance;
  • Telecommunications, Media & New Information Technologies;
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


The main language of the practice is Spanish. In addition, key languages include English, French, Italian and Catalan.