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In the 1970’s Taquet in Brussels was the first niche firm in Belgium to specialize in employment, labor and social security law. Over the years, it has grown into one of the best-known and most reputed law firms in Belgium specialized in these fields.

At present, the firm has about 40 lawyers in the three regions of Belgian: one in Brussels (Taquet), one in Flanders (Van Eeckhoutte - Ghent) and one in Wallonia (Clesse - Liège). We offer every conceivable type of service (advisory, consultancy, assistance, litigation and training) to private and public employers and institutions as well as to private citizens in the fields of employment and collective labor relations law, social security law.

Liège also has a tax law department. Brussels and Liège deal with corporate and business law in general as well.

As Willy van Eeckhoutte is a lawyer with the Court of Cassation, the firm also handles cassation cases in all the areas of law. In addition to a general law practice, the law firm also offers digital services via its online platform SoConsult.


We specialise in advising on

The legal services provided in social law consist of

  • the completeness of its expertise (all areas of social law, viz. individual and collective labor law, employment services, remuneration, social criminal law, social security law, pension law, welfare law etc.) in all their national, European and international facets.
  • a variety of legal services, encompassing all aspects of the traditional legal profession (assistance when faced with or filing proceedings in first instance up to the Court of Cassation), a comprehensive range of consultancy services (advice, letters, documents, meetings, negotiations, representation etc.), including seminars and training sessions.
  • a scientific foundation of services via a permanent, thorough and exhaustive follow-up of any developments in all areas of social law, be it at a regulatory, collective bargaining, case law or legal doctrine level.
  • a personal, individualized approach.

International expertise

Bellaw is working regularly for foreign clients within the Innangard Global network.


Bellaw provides businesses and private citizens with every conceivable legal service in the areas of labor law and social security law in all their respective facets.


Dutch (Ghent, Brussels), French (Brussels, Liège), English (Brussels, Ghent, Liège), German (Liège)